Accepting That You Are Good.  Start with Powerful Affirmations

In order for creative visualization to create what you want in life, you must be willing to accept the best that life has to offer you—your good.

Strange as it may seem, many of us have difficulty accepting the possibility of having what we want in life.  This usually stems from some basic feelings of unworthiness which we took on at a very young age.  The basic belief goes something like this:  “I’m really not a very good (lovable, worthwhile) person so I don’t deserve to have what I have.”

This belief is usually mixed with other, sometimes contradictory feelings that you really are perfectly good and deserving.  But if you find that you have difficulty imagining yourself in the most wonderful possible circumstances, or that you have thoughts of lack or thoughts that good things can’t happen to you, it is a good idea to take a look at your self-image.

You can begin to change your self-image with both affirmations and visualizations.  Start imagining yourself as you want to be.  These techniques can be extremely effective in making real changes.

Remember, you are a new person in every new moment.  Every day is a new day and each one is a new opportunity to realize you the wonderful, loving, and lovable person you truly are…

Simple and Powerful Affirmations

I am loveable. I love and approve of myself.

I am kind and loving and I have a great deal to share with others.

I am talented, intelligent and creative.

I am attractive.

I have a lot to offer and everyone recognizes it.

I love the world and the world loves me.

I am willing to be happy and successful.

I am open to receiving the blessings of this abundant universe.  Everything good is coming to me easily and effortlessly.  I accept my good, which is flowing to me here and now.  The more I receive the more I have to give.  My life is getting better and better.

Some of us are very young souls and are new at loving ourselves.  If you have fears, guilt, suppressed angers, etc., you may be a young soul who still has much to learn about loving yourself–without conditions.  Take the few minutes every day–even a few times each day, to speak affirmations over your life.  You will feel the changes immediately.

If you feel a friend of yours could benefit from the affirmations of this article, please share.  I’d love to hear how affirmations are working in your life, too.

It’s a journey…and the only destination is self-love.

You can always start from exactly where you are.  Be gentle on yourself.

I believe in you,

Jessica Smith

I am a certified International Life Coach, specializing in assisting others understand their true power through the use of affirmations, the elimination of negative self-talk and inspiring them to pursue their dreams. If you are interested in working with me as a coaching client, contact me at

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In 2007, I was introduced to the Law of Attraction and the work of Louise L. Hay when I attended a workshop in Louisville, Kentucky.  There, under the amazing guidance of a certified Heal Your Life workshop facilitator, I realized my own power.  To know that I have almost complete control over my experiences is so empowering.  To know that my life and my dreams are totally up to me is a freeing feeling and one that set me on my journey of personal transformation.

Although I didn’t get serious about creating my life until 2007, my mother has been a student of Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, Wayne Dyer, and the “new thought” movement for many years.  When she came to live with me in Lexington in 2004, her books came with her.  It wasn’t until we decided to attend the Law of Attraction class together that I even noticed the books on the bookshelf.  I guess the cliché about “when the student is ready, the teacher appears,” is true.  Although I’ve never been known to “play the victim,” I was finally able to “see” how powerful we each are and I began taking accountability for my own life.  How exhilarating!

What was the pivotal moment for me?  I remember it precisely. The class had been underway for about an hour.  We were watching the movie:  The Secret Behind the Secret.  As the movie ended, Deborah, the woman facilitating the class, talked to us about the Affirmation Bath.  I had no idea what this was—and being a person who was ALWAYS in control (I laugh now as I look back on that time when I thought I knew what “control” was), I sat back and observed the activity, a bit hesitant to participate.

It was life changing, amazing and created goose bumps on my body almost as big as goose eggs!  The energy in the room was so energizing and positive.   I was surprised at my own response—almost as surprised as I was at the response of the other 8 participants!  I know everyone left feeling lighter…

So what is an Affirmation Bath?

Each person is to write down 5-8 phrases they would love to hear about themselves.  Since affirmations contains 3 elements to be truly powerful (personal, powerful and present tense), each of us wrote words we either always wanted to hear or felt we needed to hear in this moment.  For example, one of the affirmations may sound like this:  I am beautiful and the perfect size for me.  I am loved and I am love.

After we all have written our affirmations, depending on the size of the group you are participating in, one person volunteers to sit in the middle.  She hands her affirmations to someone sitting directing in front of her and ensures that person can read her writing.  All the others in the group have sheets of about 12 prewritten affirmations from Louise Hay.  Each of us are really close to the person in the middle, and if permitted we place a hand on her shoulder, her arm or her knees.  Then, for the next 3-5 minutes, the person in will be bathed in a barrage of positivity!  Each person in the group is reading the affirmations from the sheets they having, using the name of the person in the middle often, and ensuring  there is such a raining of affirmations that the person in the middle cannot focus on any one voice or any single affirmation.  It is such an outpouring of love which sometimes leads to tears and release of negativity by the person in the center.

The Words We Speak are Affirmations.  Choose Words that Serve You.

When it was my turn to be in the middle, I was sure I would just receive the words and go on about my evening.  Then, the words began to flow from my new friends.  At first I didn’t believe the words—I didn’t realize I had such doubt within me.  Then, something incredible began to happen.  I felt like I was levitating!  I felt so light I thought I was floating!  And then the tears began to seep from my closed eyes—and although I was saying silently, “Yes I am!” I began realizing I didn’t believe the words my ears were hearing.  I realized I hadn’t heard those words ever—and that I had NEVER told them to myself!

As I began the hour plus drive home with my mother, we both sat in silence most of the way.  I was reliving the experience and then reliving the words I had been using—even subconsciously—towards myself.

Up until this point, I had been extremely successful as a military officer and a top producing Pharmaceutical Sales Professional—and I was realizing this success without truly living on purpose!  Yet as I reflected on the struggles I was still experiencing—many of which my friends knew nothing about, I understood I could be so much more…that I was obligated to live to my highest potential!

Six months later, I, too, became certified to be a Heal Your Life workshop facilitator and went on to take the advanced Life Coaching training offered.  I have met so many beautiful and amazing people in this community and know that they are all striving to live their most amazing lives.  It is with this philosophy:  Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, that each of us can make our planet even more wonderful.  We are powerful enough to heal ourselves.  We are powerful enough to make a tremendous difference in our universe.

And if all this is true and we CAN create our lives by the thoughts that we think, don’t we deserve it and aren’t we obligated to do what we can to make our world an even better place?

I think so.  Join me in living on purpose.  It can all begin, right now, by simply changing our thoughts to those that empower…

Let me help you begin…

I am loveable simply because I exist.

I am a beautiful child of God.

I love generously and I love myself easily.

I am powerful beyond measure and I live with good intentions.

I have wonderful friends and family—they love me exactly as I am.

Change comes easily to me.  I understand the flow of life.  Life supports me.

I am the master of my destiny.  Money comes to me easily and effortlessly now.

I choose to be happy.  My thoughts are serene and always serve my highest good.

May we all live in service to our world.

Much love and light,

Jessica Smith

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The Science of MindThe mind is the fashioning factor, and according to its range, vision and positiveness, will be the circumstance or experience.        The Science of Mind

Although it is not possible to have two opposing or contrasting thoughts simultaneously, most of us have conflicting desires at some time or another, thus creating a bothersome choice.  Will we stick with our highest intentions or give in to a momentary whim?  Imagine someone setting the intention to lose weight.  At lunch, he or she stands facing the buffet table.  On one hand is the desire to fill the plate and eat it all; on the other hand is the desire to lose weight.  What a conflict between intention and desire! Only in that moment can an individual say which will win.

“Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself succeeding.  Hold this picture tenaciously.  Never permit it to fade.  Your mind will seek to develop the picture.”  Norman Vincent Peale

Living The Science of Mind.  It’s all about the choices we make.

As we are deciding in any situation, we can ask ourselves, “Which choice will fulfill my vision of me?”  We can turn within and rely on Spirit to guide us.  We can vividly imagine our choices bringing us joy and happiness.  With our choices empowered in this way, we each can be a t peace with whatever we have chosen.  The battle is over.


We have a million thoughts going through our heads in any day.  The ones we feed will determine the quality of our lives.  It doesn’t have to be a struggle.  We need only to be conscious that there is a Higher Power we can rely on as we choose to live from our highest intentions.  We can catch ourselves thinking opposing thoughts and make the choice to feed our minds only the life affirming ones.

Your affirmation:  Today, everything I think, say or do is governed by divine intelligence and inspired by divine wisdom.  I am guided into right action.  I have confidence in myself because I have confidence in my choices.  I live in partnership with Spirit each and every moment.

To your success,


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John Assaraf Teaches Principles Easy to Embrace

There are so many “gurus” who choose to share their concepts, principles and philosophies about life that for those of us who are looking for sound advice on how to make our life amazing, that we become overwhelmed by everything that we “need” to do.  From the hundreds of authors, blogs, tweets that I have read, it truly comes down to just one task:  change your thoughts and change your life.  It’s a simple concept but, wow, have you tried it?  Heck, just being aware that I am thinking thoughts that don’t serve me is a huge accomplishment!  Now stopping them while they are in full swing feeling they are gaining momentum with every additional thought–well. it’s simply a huge undertaking!  In Wallace Wattles’ book: The Science of Getting Rich, he says

“Every man has the natural and inherent power to think what he wants to think, but it requires far more effort to do so than it does to think thoughts which are suggested by appearances.”  Now, that quote made it so much easier, right?

No, it allows me an excuse–an out, a reason for why my life doesn’t go as I had it should, would or could.  If I were to take out a stop watch and each time I intentionally changed my thoughts to ones that were empowering and uplifting, would I be able to log hours in my journal–or would the entries be brief and fleeting?

I suggest, they’d be the latter.

Yet, what is empowering is the idea that like vibrations attract, therefore just as my “not so great” thoughts fuel other “not so great” thoughts, until I intentionally step in and choose different ones, the good ones will gain momentum, too.  It’s a simple concept:  live intentionally.

So, as the title suggests, here are a few ideas from John Assaraf for the entrepreneur in all of us.  For those who don’t know him, he didn’t come from wealth…he created it.  So, if you are looking for a guru, he is definitely one to consider.  His principles and his example, when followed, will allow you to create the life you have always wanted.  His concepts work for everyone–there is no exception.  They are Universal principles…

John Assaraf:  The Street Kid’s Tips for Success

John Assaraf says business owners who enter entrepreneurial ventures with the right tools have what it takes to innovate, communicate and achieve business success in any economy.

1.    Start with the right mindset. Assaraf says, when it comes to our mindsets, we’re often victims of conditioning and genetics. “The latest research suggests that 96 to 98 percent of all our thought patterns and behaviors are based on our conditioning,” he says.

When faced with negative circumstances, some people are conditioned to move forward despite them. They can go through turmoil and emerge successful. They see the world differently than those who allow outside circumstances to control their thinking. It’s important to realize you have no control over bad things happening, he says: “The only things we can control are our own thoughts and actions.”

2.    Think of circumstances differently. Having the right mindset requires that entrepreneurs, in particular, not look at the recession as a reason for failure or lack of opportunity, but rather as a reason for innovation. The entrepreneur should ask the important question, Why is a particular business failing and how can I take a different approach to make it work?

“Whenever there is a recession, which I prefer to call a reorganization, innovation starts to happen. When innovation starts to happen, we start to think about different ways to serve the consumer’s needs,” Assaraf says. “That’s when you start to develop a brand around resolving the problem and creating products and services that people need during those tough times. Times that are challenging will actually bring out the weaknesses of the masses.”

3.    Next step: Fill a need. Before launching any kind of marketing campaign for a new (or existing) business, ask this question first: Is there really a need in the marketplace for your product or service?

The adage, Build it and they will come, is 1970s and ’80s thinking, Assaraf says. Today, it’s, Find out what they want; then build it.

Once you build it, make people want it because of the experience, Assaraf adds. When filling a need, realize that the client experience is even more important than the product. A great example is Starbucks. Starbucks doesn’t sell coffee; Starbucks sells an experience. “That’s why they’re able to charge $4 for a $.10 cup of coffee,” he says.

4.    Ask yourself, what makes you different? One of the most important elements of developing a successful marketing strategy is to understand what it is about your product or service that makes it unique. You can compete on quality, price or experience. Assaraf warns, however, that competing on price is often a losing battle. Rather, most business owners should look at how they can create a positive and memorable experience for their customers.

Entrepreneurs who do not find and promote a special niche will get lost in a crowded marketplace. “[If] they don’t know how to differentiate themselves from their competition, they become a commodity versus an experience. When you become a commodity, you will always be fighting on price. When you become an experience for people… they don’t compare your product or service to everybody else’s because the experience is so much greater than the product or service itself,” Assaraf says.

5.    Clear the clutter. In this media-saturated world, your charge, says Assaraf, is to create a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind that differentiates you from everybody else.

One of Assaraf’s clients, a dentist, partnered with a local limousine company to provide transportation for teenage patients. The dentist absorbs the $25 it costs to pick up and bring home teenagers for their dental appointments. Marketing the time-saver to parents was a big hit, and students quickly spread the word about riding to the dentist’s office in a limo. A good marketing concept built on creating a memorable and positive experience, successful promotion and word-of-mouth led, in this case, to an explosion of business during the next 12 months.

“In today’s world, when we’re getting 50,000 messages a day, from… billboards, television, radio, e-mail, print, calls, etc., we have to differentiate ourselves. We have to do something that’s unique and different so that we stand out from everybody else who is yelling and screaming, ‘Pick me! Pick me!’ ” Assaraf says.

So, if  you’re an entrepreneur, take heed of his advice–or take a moment to add your comments below and teach us all.  Take the time to watch the movie, The Secret, and read his best-selling book, The Answer.  There is a lot to learn from Mr. Assaraf.

To your success!


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The Infamous Cabbage Soup Diet

a review by Fox, Published January 03, 2013, NewsCore

cabbage soup diet

The cabbage soup diet, like most radical short-term diets, is not for everyone. Eating little but the cabbage soup diet for seven days can produce amazing results, but it can also leave you feeling groggy, sluggish and unsatisfied.

That said, if you’re looking to shed those holiday pounds or lose weight quickly before an important event, the cabbage soup diet promises a 10-pound weight loss in just one week. Success on the cabbage soup diet depends largely on the individual.

Some may feel alienated by the boring and unappealing food selection, but others may find quick results to be motivating. It’s important to note that crash diets like this are not without health risks and should only be attempted under professional advisement.

How the Cabbage Soup Diet works

With the cabbage soup diet, there is no calorie or carb counting and no recommended exercise regimen or lifestyle changes. Instead, the diet is based on a seven-day menu centered almost exclusively on a special cabbage-based soup.

The meal plan also includes a number of other dishes, such as low-calorie fruits and vegetables, lean meat or fish and brown rice. It’s recommended that these meals be eaten at home, since almost no restaurants will serve the specific soup and extra dishes. The diet is meant to last for one week, as it’s not high enough in nutrients to sustain healthy body functions for longer periods of time. If you wish to lose further weight, you are advised to wait a few weeks before attempting the diet again. Learn how to make the perfect cabbage soup.

Although the diet is renowned for producing dramatic results, the Mayo Clinic notes that, since no changes are made to lifestyle and eating habits, the cabbage soup diet doesn’t help dieters sustain a healthy weight in the longer term.

Cabbage Soup Diet Meal plan

The recipe for cabbage soup can vary slightly between different versions of the diet, but most include cabbage mixed with bullion and an array of other vegetables, such as carrots, celery, tomatoes, peppers and onions. A typical menu will read as follows:

  • Day 1: Unlimited amounts of cabbage soup, along with any fruit except bananas, and black coffee, unsweetened tea, water or cranberry juice.
  • Day 2: Cabbage soup as well as other vegetables including a baked potato with butter for dinner.
  • Day 3: Cabbage soup and a mixture of approved fruits and vegetables.
  • Day 4: Cabbage soup, six to eight bananas and two glasses of skimmed milk.
  • Day 5: Cabbage soup, 15 to 20 ounces of beef, chicken or fish along with six tomatoes and six to eight glasses of water.
  • Day 6: Cabbage soup, along with beef and low-calorie vegetables.
  • Day 7: Cabbage soup, brown rice, pure fruit juice and vegetables.

In order to achieve the best results, dieters should be vigilant about sticking to the meal plan exactly. If you wish to maintain your new weight, consider a diet that includes more long-term lifestyle and dietary changes.

Our weight is often not the only thing we would like to change about our lives but rather a symptom of other things we may be struggling with. Excess weight very often has a root cause and can be linked to lack of sleep, stress, current medications (to treat depression, high blood pressure, etc.), as well as, in the case of women, menopause. Read this article to better understand more about the 5 main causes of weight gain and how by changing your life can help you lose the pounds you need…for good. Get more sleep and try to reduce your stress and you may be able to reduce the number of times you use the cabbage soup diet.

How to get off The Cabbage Soup Diet Life.

So, do you want to shed 10 lbs quickly? Try the cabbage soup diet for 7 days. Have 10 more lbs to lose? Eat what’s recommended in the cabbage soup diet for another 7 days after a 3-5 day break. Think that the third cabbage soup diet regiment for 21 days of your month might be getting boring? It will–and your body won’t keep thriving on the lack of nutrients for much longer so it’s time to make losing weight a MUST. Decide to gain no more weight! Decide to become healthier. Decide that the cabbage soup diet was just the jump start you needed to get your off your launching pad and into living your life to the fullest. There are millions of great tips to help you live your best life, and I am a believer in more sleep and less stress, yet it all starts with you deciding. I actively participate in a life-changing personal development program because I needed to understand what was keeping me from deciding to live the best life I could. My life is transformed by what I learned! If you are interested in learning more about how I have changed my life dramatically after the cabbage soup diet, watch the video below and hear the Success Education product I use daily.

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(hint: radical diets like The Cabbage Soup Diet are not the only way to get to your goal weight. Let me help you decide to change your life.)

Living the dream, loving the journey!


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Wealth.  Is it Eluding You?


“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.”  Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is the brain-child of both Andrew Carnegie and Dr. Napoleon Hill and originally published after almost 25 years of researching the Laws of Success in 1937.  The book and its principles are still sought and implemented today by anyone wanting to understand wealth and the money-making secrets that changes lives.

The book teaches the secret of not only what to do, but HOW to do it.  In the simple and basic techniques, you, too can think create great wealth.

We Win or We Perish!  Understand the Fallacy of Having a “Plan B.”

Have you ever wondered what the origin of the term is for “burning desire”?  As Napoleon Hill explains in Chapter 2, Desire, The First Step Towards Riches, a warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to make a decision that would ensure his success.  He loaded his men onto boats and sailed into the enemy’s country and after the men had unloaded from the boats, the warrior ordered the ships be burned.  He said to his men: “Do you see the boats going up in smoke? That means we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win!  We win or we perish!”

Many of us do not have a burning desire.  We haven’t taken the time to see how we want to truly live our lives.  We have bought into the story that we must work hard, for someone else and get paid only the value they place upon us and our time.  This story is a belief that has now become part of our cellular memory and it runs our lives.  Until you take the time to create and cultivate your burning desire you will continue to live only a partial of your potential.  To have a burning desire is not to merely have a wish. A burning desire has the potential to be a driving force in your life. It is your passion—it is your reason for being.

Dr. Hill says that any individual, who understands the purpose of money, wishes for wealth. Although wishing for it will not bring about wealth, desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to bring wealth about, will.  When you back those plans with a persistence that does not recognize failure WILL bring riches.

The worst thing you can have as an entrepreneur is a Plan B.  With a Plan B, you are already implanting the seeds of failure into your mind.  You are giving yourself an escape route—a way out, should you fail.  When you realize failure is NOT an option—you will dismiss any Plan B!

Six Ways to Turn Your Desire into Wealth

  • Determine the EXACT amount of financial wealth you desire.  It is psychological and the most important part of becoming wealthy.  Do NOT use the words “a lot, plenty, a great deal” etc.  Fix your mind on an exact dollar amount.
  • Know what you are willing to give in return for this amount of money
  • Establish a definite date in which you wish to possess this sum of money
  • Create your definite action plan for carrying this out and start NOW (being ready is not essential to taking action)
  • Write out a statement, in as much detail as possible, about how much money you will acquire, your timeframe, what you are willing to give in return for obtaining it and the plan of action you will take to accumulate this wealth
  • Read (or if you voice record, listen) to your statement a minimum of 2TIMES EACH DAY.  The best time is when you first wake each morning and just before you go to sleep each night.  In mornings, upon awakening, your brain is in an Alpha state. In Alpha brain state, we begin to access the wealth of creativity that lies just below our conscious awareness – it is the gateway, the entry point, which leads into deeper states of consciousness.  When you read or hear the words of your statement for wealth, you will also visualize attaining it which is essential for manifesting your desire.

“Whatever your mind feeds upon, your mind attracts to you.”  –Napoleon Hill

The steps above call for no hard labor or sacrifice.  To apply the steps requires no formal education.  But the successful application of the 6 steps calls for sufficient imagination to enable you to see and understand that the accumulation of wealth is not to be left to chance or good luck.

A burning desire to be and to do is the starting point for which the dreamer must launch.  Dreams of wealth, or any dreams for that matter, are not born of laziness, indifference or lack of ambition.  “The turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes at a point of some crisis, through which they are introduced to their other selves.”  If you are at this point—a crisis point, then you MUST try the 6 Steps outline above. You must purchase the book, Think and Grow Rich, and you must begin applying the principles within its pages.  You must change your thoughts about yourself and your dreams and you must cut out all options other than your dream itself.

You can be wealthy.  How much money do you want?  Work with me and discover how you can be, do and have ALL that you’ve ever wanted.

I can help you get where you are going.  Act now and begin living the life—up until now—you may have only “wished” for…

Join me at the top—there’s lots of room for you up here,


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For Nic Vujicic, life without limbs has become life without limits. But does he think life is a struggle?

Nic Vujicic was born without arms and legs. When he was 10, he attempted to end his life. His parents had arms and legs. His brother had arms and legs.

Yet he didn’t–and he asked “why”? He wondered why God would do this to him–guarantee him a life of challenge and struggle.

Life began as a struggle for Nic His doctors said his life would always be a struggle–that he would never walk and that the best option for him and his parents would be to place him in an institution.

But they didn’t. Instead they loved him unconditionally. They encouraged him. They told him things may be harder for him–that some things he may wish to accomplish may become a struggle but to persevere.

Decide to Believe Life Doesn’t Have to Be a Struggle.

Nic decided not to accept his situation. He decided that he had a message to share–and he’s doing that–all over the world. Nic made a decision to share the idea that although life can be a struggle and will have its challenges, when you have faith, you can accomplish anything.

“It’s a lie to think you’re not good enough. It’s a lie to think you’re not worth anything.” Nic Vujicic

“The biggest disability is unbelief.”

Sure, life has it’s challenges. Maybe we have our arms and our legs. Maybe we aren’t a natural leader and motivator like Nic is. Maybe life has served us up a bunch of struggle and the future doesn’t look too bright financially, professionally or even with our closest relationships.

Are you going to accept it–the struggle?

Are you going to give up? No one would have blamed Nic if he had decided to just sit in a corner in his wheelchair creating inconveniences to society. Society would have understood, I’m sure.

But instead, he said “The challenges in our lives are there to STRENGTHEN our CONVICTIONS. They are NOT there to run us over.”

I am Happy Nick VujicicCan you say you’re happy?

If not, what are you going to do about it? How are you going to get the courage to make the changes in your life–to meet your financial challenges head on? How are you going to repair your broken relationships? How are you going to stop the cycle of struggle?

You are going to decide to do whatever it takes for you to live your best life. You are going to read, research, and practice how you are going to change your situation.

“If you can’t get a miracle, become one.” ― Nick Vujicic

Nic’s story may seem sad. You may be able to relate to the heartache he felt during his beginning years–the years when he wanted to give up the struggle. The story may anger you and have you wondering how you can even possibly complain.

Don’t compare your struggle to others. Just decide to do whatever it takes to change your world.

Nic decided.

And look what life he experiences now.

He helps so many who struggle   no-arms-no-legs-no-worry



Nic surfing

So, no more excuses. No more reasons to stay stuck, broke, and unhappy. Feel your fears…and then live your life. You are designed for greatness and whatever your situation now, you can ALWAYS start from exactly where you are.

Work with me. I will gladly believe in you until you can begin believing in yourself and give up on giving in to your struggle.


PS. Give up on the idea that life need be a struggle. Give yourself the chance to become all you have been designed to become. With me, you can improve ALL areas of your life–let’s first improve your finances today. No more struggle. From here, the sky’s the limit.

Never miss the chance to look at lots of opportunity–then decide.  I’d love your comments, too.

Living on purpose, deliberately and with intention requires a decision.  It requires that each of us decide to do whatever it takes to create the life that we have been seeing only as a dream.  To begin experiencing the abundance, health, loving relationships, career advancements, wealth and all the other things you may be dreaming about, we must first decide that you want your life to be different.

“I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to.”

Your new life begins with a decision.  It’s a big step because up until today, you have been living by default—accepting whatever comes your way as if you are not worthy to be, do and have all that this world has to offer.

Think with IntentionIt’s a Choice to Live With Intention

Living with intention is all about choice.  It’s about embracing that we are the supreme authorities over our lives and all our experiences.  It’s a tall order, so be gentle on yourself as you mull this idea over in your mind.  Not many of us are willing to embrace the concept that all we have right now has been a product of all the thoughts we have had over our lifetime.  Life is not about blame.   Life’s not about finding fault in our past behaviors or in the behaviors of others.  Life is about living every experience you want to live and doing so in any way in which you choose to live it.

So how do we live on purpose and with intention?

We must decide to take full accountability for our lives and readily accept that the Law of Attraction is a Universal principle, scientifically proven and is always at work in our experiences.  The Universe wants us to live our best life and is always unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring about your desires.

It’s up to you to identify these desires.  You do this through the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel.  Which one comes first–thoughts or feelings?  Which comes first is less important to understand because the only thing you have complete control over is your own thoughts.  Thoughts, subconscious or conscious, create the feeling, or vibrations, that attract the Universe’s response. Be choosing thoughts that most serve you, you will also be creating the vibrations that attract all that serves you.

Think with Intention.  Your thoughts attract like vibrationThree Step Formula for Living With Intention

  1.  Identify your desire.
  2. Give your desire your attention and focus as often as possible throughout your day.
  3. Allow your desire to manifest in your life.

What do you Desire?

Discovering what you truly desire takes a bit of intentional thought and effort. We all have many dreams—some which come into our thoughts but often quickly go, and others that we can feel in the very core of our beings.  When we think of our desires, we feel good.  When we focus on what we want—and if it’s what we truly desire—we will feel the goodness of that desire reverberating in our souls.  Be precise about what you want and when you want it.  Be as specific as possible about your desires.  If you want more abundance in your life, how much do you want?  If you want to create a healthier and more fit body, how much weight do you want to lose—and by when?  If you desire an intimate and loving relationship, describe all the attributes you would like to have in that person—and when would you life to meet him or her?

Give Attention to Your Desire.

Take time every day; take the time to do this multiple times each day or whenever possible and give positive focus to your desire.  The Universe only responds to what we give focus to.  By being clear about what you want, you can give it the proper attention that will vibrationally align with you having it in your experience.

“The Law of Attraction responds to whatever vibration you are sending by giving you more of it, whether it’s positive or negative. It simply responds to your vibration.”                         Michael Losier

Living the Art of AllowingAllow it.

So often we confuse the Universe by all our demands about what we “want.”  By not deliberately thinking thoughts that serve you, thoughts that may be a detriment will invade your mind.  It has been suggested that we experience more than 2,000 thoughts each minute with 80% of them being the same thoughts (or slight variations of those thoughts) as we had yesterday.  Unfortunately, 90% of our thoughts have a negative vibration—allowing us to think about all the things we don’t want, rather than what we do.  By curbing the negative thinking and intentionally thinking thoughts that serve your higher good, you will create new neuro pathways in your brain that will allow positive thoughts to travel more consistently.  Allow the good to flow from your positive thoughts—be aware when something good happens in your life, whether it be large or small.  Gratitude is the attitude of abundance and by being grateful you will be vibrationally aligned.

Often before we can truly understand what we want, we must first know what we don’t want.  Knowing this is sometimes an easier place to start for people who want to live intentionally—we habitually speak of the things we don’t want—and of course, the Universe responds to our point of focus and brings to us exactly that:  all that we DON’T want.  There is clarity through contrast.

Exercise:  Understanding What You Desire.

Take out a large piece of paper, preferably a legal sized piece and a pen.  On the top of the page, write the title:

Living With Intention:  Understanding ALL the things you DON’T want in your life.

Then, find yourself a place where you will be uninterrupted for a minimum of 15 minutes.  Set a timer if you need to because you want to sit for at least 15 minutes for this exercise.  Number your page all the way to the bottom.  Write the numbers 1-50 along the left side of the paper, making two columns if needed.

Now, with no filters—just a free flow of consciousness, write ALL the things you don’t want in your life as it pertains to your area of desire.  If you find you have run out of “don’t wants” before the 15 minutes is up, stay in thought until something else comes up or until your time is finished.

Examples of things you don’t want:  (Desire is to have more money.)

  1. Don’t want to pay my bills late.
  2. Don’t want to receive calls from creditors
  3. Don’t want to see an empty savings account
  4. Don’t want to answer calls from creditors
  5. Don’t want to watch what I spend
  6. Don’t want to say no to my kids
  7. Don’t want to only eat in cheaper restaurants
  8. Don’t want to budget my grocery list
  9. Don’t want to pay late fees
  10. Don’t want to feel broke
  11. Don’t want to order meals on price alone
  12. Don’t want to work overtime to pay my bills

You get the point.  Keep writing about all the things you don’t want in your life.  When you think you have written down ALL the “don’t wants”, flip the paper over to Side B.

Side B:  Things I do want in my life.

To fill out this side you have to be very clear on what it is you do want.  As you write your list in the same, free flowing style you did for Side A, write for the entire 15 minutes.

Once you have finished Side B, go back to the first part of the exercise and begin crossing off the contrasting statements.   For example:  If on Side B you wrote:  “I want to feel wealthy” you would cross off #10 on Side A: “I don’t want to feel broke.”

Once you have crossed off as many as you can, review your list on Side A to see what still remains.  Turn over to Side B and write—for that particular “don’t want” from Side A that wasn’t crossed off—a sentence about what you DO want.  For example:  If you notice that # 11 on Side A remains not crossed out, then on Side B, writes something like:  “I dine at the finest restaurants and always order exactly what I want.”

When you have finished this exercise, revisit my blog site for the next step in your journey of Living On Purpose and with Intention.  In the upcoming article, I will discuss how you will write your ideal Desire Statement.

Until next time, be aware of what you are including in your vibrational bubble and if it does not serve your highest good, choose a different thought by verbalizing a statement that will serve you.

You are a creator; you create with your every thought. You often create by default, for you are getting what you are giving your attention to wanted or unwanted but you know by how it feels if what you are getting is what you are wanting or if it is not what you are wanting.  –Abraham Hicks

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Best Wishes for all your successes,

Jessica Smith

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Abraham Hicks: “You Can Not Lead From Behind”

“I am a deliberate thinker–I no longer create by default and I act on purpose.”

“It’s a big effort to live this life when you are counting on your words, your actions and your efforts to make this happen.”

“Focus on something that gives you access to the vortex. In the Vortex everything is clear.”

Abraham Hicks, you’re so selfish?

Selfish means vibrational alignment with self.

What is SELF?

Self is source, self is pure positive energy, self is worthy, self is clear-minded, self is healthy, self is full of vitality, self is full of life.

When you are willing to release the thoughts that hold you apart from that and practice the thoughts that cause you alignment with that, which simply means you are selfish enough to care how you feel.

Every time it matters to please them instead of you, it is such short-term gain. When you care about how someone else is responding to you so you behave in order to affect their response to you, you are doing them a very big disservice, you teach them that through action and demand, or cajole or control or power that they can wrestle their life to the ground.

When you show yourself that you have the power to come into alignment not just with who you were before you were born but with all you’ve become ever since not with just you and all you’ve become but with source itself. When you show yourself that when you are selfish: which means reaching for the best feeling thought on whatever subject is active in your vibration. When you care about being in the Vortex, you care about being in concert with the energy that creates worlds.

And one who is in alignment with that energy is more powerful than millions who are not.

When you decide you are going to take control of your relationship with who you really are and you decide that you are going to tend to the gap between you, wherever you are, and who you really are and what you know about the same, life is going to take a new form and shape for you. You are going to feel exhilarated. You are going to feel satisfaction.

You are going to be someone who seems to create tremendously with ease.

All your friends will wonder: What do you know that I don’t know?

And you can say…

I figured out my relationship with me and I am constantly aware of my vibrational relationship to who I really am and to what I really want. I guide every thought I can to mesh with the wholeness of what I am. I have become a deliberate thinker.

I no longer create by default. I think on purpose, I speak on purpose and I act on purpose and I don’t do any of it unless I am in the Vortex.

Make ALL decisions from within The Vortex.

Make ALL decisions from within The Vortex.

Ah, but what is the Vortex?

A Vortex is a vibrational state of being that is a precursor of all postive motion forward of all that is. It is encapsulated, condensed, straight up source. It is the anchor, the touch stone, the place where all dreams, all wishes and all hopes are hailed until we find vibrational alignment. It is the eternal pool of well-being…

The Vortex is a reality even you can’t see it but you can feel it.

The discord you feel every day is nothing more than feed-back to your proximity to the Vortex.

When you feel hopeful you are right on the brink of the Vortex. The vibrational entry point is somewhere between hope and belief.

So, when you are in the vicinity, you will be swept in and the Law of Attraction will take you in when there is not enough resistance to hold you out. –Abraham Hicks

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What are you doing to stay ahead of your competition?

What you have at the moment, you’ve attracted by the person you’ve become. Jim Rohn

In today’s world economy, when funds are tight, the job market is unstable and economic growth looks shaky, people have been tightening their belts, hunkering down with their daily tasks and barely scraping by. Many corporations, big and small, are doing the same: optimizing employees, reducing benefits and cutting out the fat within their employee training programs. As a matter of fact, if your training isn’t job specific, it’s probably already gone away. Personal development has always been exactly that: personal.

Personal Development Yields Success

For those of us familiar with personal development, sometimes referred to as self development or leadership education, we understand the power behind the Ninth Pillar in Jim Rohn’s bestselling book, The Twelve Pillars of Success. This pillar suggests: “Your income seldom exceeds your personal development.” Your income is low–then you aren’t putting value in your time.

Maybe this is why less than 40% of Americans have $500 or less in a savings account? Do they not have a self development plan? Is their own personal development worth the investment?

Personal Development--Your Key to Success

What is Personal Development?

Personal Developmentincludes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. The concept is not limited to self-help but includes formal and informal activities for developing others in roles such as teacher, guide, counselor, manager, life coach or mentor.

The advent of the EPSS. Learning strategies of organizations need to be reconceived to influence their primary purpose: to perform effectively and efficiently. Almost 15 years ago the concept Electronic Performance Support Systems was introduced by Gloria Gerry. Electronic performance support systems can help an organization to reduce the cost of training staff while increasing productivity and performance. It can empower employees to perform tasks with a minimum amount of external intervention or training. By using this type of system an employee, especially a new employee, will not only be able to complete his or her work more quickly and accurately, but, as a secondary benefit, will also learn more about the job and the employer’s business.

Become responsible for your own Personal Improvement.

More companies are expecting their employees to invest in themselves and engage in their own personal development therefore the expectation is to create their own success plan. They can only do this through their own personal development. In many corporations an employee must present his action plan for his or her position, the ways in which the employee is going to engage in their own development may even monitored during progress reviews. Why? Personal development is a sign of leadership—and companies actually want leaders. Become a leader with our award winning Personal Development and Success Education Curriculum, Beyond Freedom Evolution.

Beyond Freedom Evolution is a 12 month, online, university accredited and awarded Personal Development curriculum. It is self-paced and consists of 3 sections: Departure, Decision and Action. This program has the statistics of its more than 500,000 participants that, in a recent survey, indicates a 75% improvement in the 16 Advanced Success Skills all people require for success. BFE is a program designed to teach people how to change their outcomes, potentially effortlessly; the principles work and they are laid out in a very powerful way.

…average 75% improvement in the 16 Advance Success Skills assessed.

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With BFE, your development is personal and powerful. And well, it should be. And although a company needs to relook the concept that competence must only exist within the person and should be built in to the situation/work environment, much of the responsibility is up to the individual.

Training Leadership Skills and Your Personal Development

What’s your mountain and what are you doing to improve? What will you invest in your personal development to ensure your life is consistently improving?

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