New Year, New You? or New Year, Same You?

January 2, 2013

“Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we
seize them or not, the New Year will bring new opportunities.”  ~Michael Josephson

New Year’s resolutions are an age old tradition, stemming from new-found beliefs in ourselves that we are going to make the coming year, our best year yet.  Resolutions are filled with energy and enthusiasm and begin with a gusto that may have been lacking as the previous year began its close..oftentimes, as early as July 31st.

We begin the year with commitments and a zeal to change our path in any number of areas of our lives.  We eagerly embrace new ideas and plans and we enthusiastically “know” that we will be supported by all our friends and family.  As we move to make our break from the herd, (a group or society whose main purpose is to keep us in the same belief systems that have been around for years and years.)  We know that this year is going to be different–that we’re going to break out and become our own person, with a new set of beliefs and direction…yet when we step away…we do it alone.

Leaving the herd is one of the most challenging things any of us can do.  We desire to be different, to live fuller lives and to doggedly chase our dreams–our new resolutions.  Then darkness settles upon our day…and we find we are on the path all by ourselves.  We become afraid as fears set in and our new belief in ourselves begin to wilt. We commit to revive them and our steps towards our dreams become lighter, our resolve a bit stronger–then darkness befalls us again.  We find we are again alone–no one from our herd stepped out to follow.  Our dreams again begin to wither and slowly die because of their dire need of validation…

Yet we refuse to succumb to the loneliness of stepping up and away from “what was.”

The morning arrives and we desperately attempt to revive our new beliefs and energize our dreams…it takes more energy, more commitment and more focus.  Our energy begins to dwindle as we hear the herd far off in the distance.  How easy it would be to simply walk back down the path we just traveled and be embraced by the masses!  How simple it would be to turn around and take the path most travelled!  How ‘ok” it would be to accept that it’s maybe it’s just too hard to accomplish our deepest desires…alone–us against our waning self-esteem, fight against the question of deservability.  Going back would be so much easier.  We would be hailed by the herd as courageous for “trying” .  We would be consoled by our closest “friends” for our gallant efforts.  We will be caressed into forgetting that they have but one vision:  to keep us in the herd.  They believe in their vision and they, too, want to succeed.  They understand there is safety in numbers and we can again become one of their “numbers.”  It is expected by all and no one would think poorly of us for finding our way home.

Except for ourselves.

Every day we will wonder.  Every day we will think:  what if?  Every day we will secretly keep dreaming…

Our dreams continue to grow until our WHY becomes so strong that we can no longer be contained!  We plan our break from the herd, we solidify our WHY–and our thoughts on how we will feel when we accomplish our dreams become amazingly persistent.

We step closer to the edge of the herd…no one really notices…we take our first step out and we see the world of opportunity on the horizon…we begin to run, feeling the exhilaration of our journey…there’s no stopping us now…

We know our why

You can be, do and have anything you ever wanted. Create your own path for others to follow because when you understand your why and not the how your life will take amazing turns to ensure you live the life you’ve always dreamed of.  To make this true, it’s up to you…

Happy New Year…Happy New You!


Jessica is a successful entrepreneur in the area of Personal Leadership Development.  She mentors others on how to live the life of their dreams–regardless of the education, their environment and their upbringing.  Jessica inspires others to live on purpose, to dream big and always keep their “why” in the forefront of their thoughts.  To become part of Jessica’s team, visit or call 888-206-5428 and begin living the life you’ve imagined.

2 Responses to “New Year, New You? or New Year, Same You?”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Well, so wonderful 🙂

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