Changing the World, One Dreamer at a Time

March 12, 2013

It’s not easy finding people who want to get uncomfortable.  It’s not fun hearing from people who are afraid to pursue their dreams because someone said it might be hard.  It’s not a “walk in the park” to listen to others suggest they simply don’t have it in them to pursue the life they secretly day-dream about.  It’s not encouraging to watch your friends struggle.  No, it’s not any of these things–but it is what is happening in every community today.  We are a society who have become so afraid of change.  Sure, it’s understandable–change means being ridiculously uncomfortable. It means having others notice us and tell us how foolish we might be. Yes, I used to care what others thought of me, too.  I used to fear the whispered opinions of those less ambitious–those who have watched their dreams fade so they can pursue a life of ambivalence and apathy.  Fear is such a powerful emotion!  I know–I’ve experienced them and on occasion, I still have them to feel.  Now, I embrace my fears knowing it means I am making changes so that I can become the person I want to be and I can design the life I want to design.  After all, it’s my life–and I get to live it:  upfront and personally!

Anyway, this blog is my way of letting the universe know that I am doing my part.  I am changing me and I am finding others who have been living a deferred lifestyle and want to change themselves.  I believe in me and what I do.  I hope you believe in you–and all you want to do, too.

I am not just involved in a global income opportunity. I am involved in a life-changing opportunity–that’s gone global.  I am finding one dreamer at a time and I am believing in them until they can believe in themselves.  I promote a product, sure.  But I mostly promote your obligation to change this world, one person at a time–starting with you.

Sure, there is a financial outlay to become a licensed reseller of our Success Education Curriculum. This is not a “get rich quick” opportunity. You will definitely have to work in your business to make the executive level incomes we make here. I can almost guarantee that money won’t just fall into your lap with little action and no effort–even lottery winners have to do something! Think about it–in your job, very few will continue to get paid for not showing up (of course there are some lucky employees who show of physically but are absent mentally and still get their paycheck!).  Business that allow that type of employee performance won’t continue to exist–nor will those businesses that tell you that you don’t have to do much to get weathy!  As they say, money won’t cure lack of ambition so when people set out to do something only for the money, success is not a foregone conclusion.  You must want something more…

So, if you are still reading, then you must also want to be part of something bigger than yourself. You must want to change your life in a meaningful way AND you must want to help others change their life, too. You probably want to be proud of the choice of business you become involved in and I am sure you want to improve your own life–hopefully, all facets of it.  I mean, if all the facets of life were the spokes on a wheel and one or more are bent, would the tires roll smoothly?  Well, your life won’t either.  I know this–lots of my spokes were bent.

Mmmm, you’re still reading. I’m encouraged!  Then let me share with you who I am looking for to mentor. I work only with big thinkers–people who know their potential and want to realize it: financially, professionally, and personally. I work with leaders who know they can achieve their dreams if they simply have the right “vehicle” to help them. I mentor ambitious, entrepreneurial-minded men and women who want to impact the world by becoming better people and enjoying the benefits of a lucrative financial future. I work only with people with whom I would want to travel with to our exotic and affluent live events.  No, it’s not all about the money–but most of us would like more than we currently have and as Zig Ziglar has said many times:  “Money isn’t everything but it ranks right up there with oxygen.”  How would your life begin to change if you could release one anxiety: the one you have about money?  How would the world change if you had more of it to give?

So why do I not just work with anyone–you might be thinking? That’s a fair question.  After all, won’t I benefit financially from them? Yes, and no. Yes, I will make a little money from the people who join my organization but I will put much more effort into their success than I will reap financial reward. Granted, I will reap lots of personal rewards from seeing families achieve their dreams and that is VERY important to me. But I say NO to some people because, well frankly, I just can’t push a rope. I need ambition, commitment and a desire to do whatever it takes to become the person they want to become. And I can’t do that for them, as much as I have tried to in the past.

What do I do? Our company has created an unprecedented compensation plan surrounding a life-changing product. Our directors are all involved in the curriculum and participating in life at full throttle. We are people who want the best for others and have learned how to inspire people into right action–because we found that inspiration within ourselves and have been rewarded financially and personally for it. Our directors understand the need to work hard now so they can play within their dreams later. We also understand the importance of each of us–all of us–in the success of our world. We all have an integral part, and we have made a decision to make the most positive impact we can–every day, year after year.

Could each of us, as entrepreneurs, start with another company to sell ads, sell products to our friends and family, make a list of everyone we’ve ever met and ask them to make the uncomfortable changes necessary to change their own lives–like becoming a salesperson or a hostess for events within your home? Yes, we could. But the question we ask ourselves is: Do we do this just for the monetary benefits? Or do we want to make a positive impact on ALL aspects of our lives by understanding the power of personal leadership development and success education?

That answer is simple: We are here to make this world a better place. We are starting with ourselves and reaching out to one person at a time to see if they want to join us.

Are you that person we are trying to reach?  Remember, you are thinking anyway–why not think big? 

To your success in ALL you do.


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