Dreams are Essential. What’s Your Why?

May 2, 2013

Keep dreaming…

We all have dreams…some are huge…some are not so huge. Some are new…yet some, we’ve dreamed about for years. Some we’ve had tucked deep inside for decades, covered in the dusts of life. They’ve been tucked so deep that we’ve almost forgotten about them…until someting causes us to get a glimpse of what actually could be. We feel the joy those dreams once inspired within us and as we recognized the value of these feelings, we become inspired.

That’s why we dream. We do it because it makes us feel good. Dreaming allows us to have something to believe in, something to aspire to, something to focus our intention for changing the way our lives currently are. Even if momentarily, dreams let our imaginations roam the seemingly impossible, the otherwise improbable, and the potentially unthinkable. Dreams bring to the forefront of our hearts and our minds all that we are deserving of being, doing and having.

What our dreams are made of…

We dream of wealth, of romance, of travel, and of peace. We dream of serenity, of luxury, of family, and of independence. We dream of everlasting health, forever loves and radical prosperity. We dream…because we want…and we dream because we can. We dream because we’re alive.

So, when the entire world comes raining down upon us, dreams allow us an escape; an opportunity to feel valuable, vibrant and whole. We dream because of the depth of emotion it brings to our hearts and our minds…the peace it brings to our soul and the knowing that there is a better tomorrow in store for us. Dreams allow us an escape from a world, a community, an environment where most have long forgotten their importance.

And as important as dreams are, more important are their “why.” We can dream of fancy cars and diamond rings; we fantasize about big houses and expensive things; we get lost in the idea of exotic vacations, never-ending time and overflowing bank accounts, yet when life hands us lemons, we forget to make lemonade.

Discovering the why behind our dreams.

Our “why” is our reason–it’s the lifeblood of our daydreams and even our nightdreams. It’s the thing that keeps us pressing on…when others may have turned back. It’s what allows us to leave the herd and begin wandering out on our own.

Without a “why” the everyday will get in our way. Without a “why” our closest friend’s opinions will crush the growth of even our biggest dreams. Without a “why” when the going gets tough, our dreams will be the first to fade.

Yet, when the going gets tough, the mortgage will get paid, the car will get fueled, the lights will stay on, but your dreams will begin to wither in their importance. We must have a “why” and we must be unwavering in what that it. We must be resolute in our why for our dreams to receive the action they deserve.

Dream big...or don't dream at all.

Dream big…or don’t dream at all.

So if you have dreams….regardless how big or how small, take some time right now in understanding why they are YOUR dreams–understand WHY you want your life to be this way and then, when you know at the very core of your being why you are dreaming the dreams you dream, nothing and noone can stand in your way of achieving them.

So, if you still have your dreams…go and discover your “whys.” Write them down and carry the words with you…for when life gives you lemons, you’ll have something wonderful to read.

And you’ll be living on purpose, just like I am…and you to can join me by clicking here in living our dreams.


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