Be Powerful with Your Affirmations

June 30, 2013

In 2007, I was introduced to the Law of Attraction and the work of Louise L. Hay when I attended a workshop in Louisville, Kentucky.  There, under the amazing guidance of a certified Heal Your Life workshop facilitator, I realized my own power.  To know that I have almost complete control over my experiences is so empowering.  To know that my life and my dreams are totally up to me is a freeing feeling and one that set me on my journey of personal transformation.

Although I didn’t get serious about creating my life until 2007, my mother has been a student of Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, Wayne Dyer, and the “new thought” movement for many years.  When she came to live with me in Lexington in 2004, her books came with her.  It wasn’t until we decided to attend the Law of Attraction class together that I even noticed the books on the bookshelf.  I guess the cliché about “when the student is ready, the teacher appears,” is true.  Although I’ve never been known to “play the victim,” I was finally able to “see” how powerful we each are and I began taking accountability for my own life.  How exhilarating!

What was the pivotal moment for me?  I remember it precisely. The class had been underway for about an hour.  We were watching the movie:  The Secret Behind the Secret.  As the movie ended, Deborah, the woman facilitating the class, talked to us about the Affirmation Bath.  I had no idea what this was—and being a person who was ALWAYS in control (I laugh now as I look back on that time when I thought I knew what “control” was), I sat back and observed the activity, a bit hesitant to participate.

It was life changing, amazing and created goose bumps on my body almost as big as goose eggs!  The energy in the room was so energizing and positive.   I was surprised at my own response—almost as surprised as I was at the response of the other 8 participants!  I know everyone left feeling lighter…

So what is an Affirmation Bath?

Each person is to write down 5-8 phrases they would love to hear about themselves.  Since affirmations contains 3 elements to be truly powerful (personal, powerful and present tense), each of us wrote words we either always wanted to hear or felt we needed to hear in this moment.  For example, one of the affirmations may sound like this:  I am beautiful and the perfect size for me.  I am loved and I am love.

After we all have written our affirmations, depending on the size of the group you are participating in, one person volunteers to sit in the middle.  She hands her affirmations to someone sitting directing in front of her and ensures that person can read her writing.  All the others in the group have sheets of about 12 prewritten affirmations from Louise Hay.  Each of us are really close to the person in the middle, and if permitted we place a hand on her shoulder, her arm or her knees.  Then, for the next 3-5 minutes, the person in will be bathed in a barrage of positivity!  Each person in the group is reading the affirmations from the sheets they having, using the name of the person in the middle often, and ensuring  there is such a raining of affirmations that the person in the middle cannot focus on any one voice or any single affirmation.  It is such an outpouring of love which sometimes leads to tears and release of negativity by the person in the center.

The Words We Speak are Affirmations.  Choose Words that Serve You.

When it was my turn to be in the middle, I was sure I would just receive the words and go on about my evening.  Then, the words began to flow from my new friends.  At first I didn’t believe the words—I didn’t realize I had such doubt within me.  Then, something incredible began to happen.  I felt like I was levitating!  I felt so light I thought I was floating!  And then the tears began to seep from my closed eyes—and although I was saying silently, “Yes I am!” I began realizing I didn’t believe the words my ears were hearing.  I realized I hadn’t heard those words ever—and that I had NEVER told them to myself!

As I began the hour plus drive home with my mother, we both sat in silence most of the way.  I was reliving the experience and then reliving the words I had been using—even subconsciously—towards myself.

Up until this point, I had been extremely successful as a military officer and a top producing Pharmaceutical Sales Professional—and I was realizing this success without truly living on purpose!  Yet as I reflected on the struggles I was still experiencing—many of which my friends knew nothing about, I understood I could be so much more…that I was obligated to live to my highest potential!

Six months later, I, too, became certified to be a Heal Your Life workshop facilitator and went on to take the advanced Life Coaching training offered.  I have met so many beautiful and amazing people in this community and know that they are all striving to live their most amazing lives.  It is with this philosophy:  Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, that each of us can make our planet even more wonderful.  We are powerful enough to heal ourselves.  We are powerful enough to make a tremendous difference in our universe.

And if all this is true and we CAN create our lives by the thoughts that we think, don’t we deserve it and aren’t we obligated to do what we can to make our world an even better place?

I think so.  Join me in living on purpose.  It can all begin, right now, by simply changing our thoughts to those that empower…

Let me help you begin…

I am loveable simply because I exist.

I am a beautiful child of God.

I love generously and I love myself easily.

I am powerful beyond measure and I live with good intentions.

I have wonderful friends and family—they love me exactly as I am.

Change comes easily to me.  I understand the flow of life.  Life supports me.

I am the master of my destiny.  Money comes to me easily and effortlessly now.

I choose to be happy.  My thoughts are serene and always serve my highest good.

May we all live in service to our world.

Much love and light,

Jessica Smith

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