Acknowledge Your Negative Thoughts: Change Them with Affirmations and Visualization

July 3, 2013

Accepting That You Are Good.  Start with Powerful Affirmations

In order for creative visualization to create what you want in life, you must be willing to accept the best that life has to offer you—your good.

Strange as it may seem, many of us have difficulty accepting the possibility of having what we want in life.  This usually stems from some basic feelings of unworthiness which we took on at a very young age.  The basic belief goes something like this:  “I’m really not a very good (lovable, worthwhile) person so I don’t deserve to have what I have.”

This belief is usually mixed with other, sometimes contradictory feelings that you really are perfectly good and deserving.  But if you find that you have difficulty imagining yourself in the most wonderful possible circumstances, or that you have thoughts of lack or thoughts that good things can’t happen to you, it is a good idea to take a look at your self-image.

You can begin to change your self-image with both affirmations and visualizations.  Start imagining yourself as you want to be.  These techniques can be extremely effective in making real changes.

Remember, you are a new person in every new moment.  Every day is a new day and each one is a new opportunity to realize you the wonderful, loving, and lovable person you truly are…

Simple and Powerful Affirmations

I am loveable. I love and approve of myself.

I am kind and loving and I have a great deal to share with others.

I am talented, intelligent and creative.

I am attractive.

I have a lot to offer and everyone recognizes it.

I love the world and the world loves me.

I am willing to be happy and successful.

I am open to receiving the blessings of this abundant universe.  Everything good is coming to me easily and effortlessly.  I accept my good, which is flowing to me here and now.  The more I receive the more I have to give.  My life is getting better and better.

Some of us are very young souls and are new at loving ourselves.  If you have fears, guilt, suppressed angers, etc., you may be a young soul who still has much to learn about loving yourself–without conditions.  Take the few minutes every day–even a few times each day, to speak affirmations over your life.  You will feel the changes immediately.

If you feel a friend of yours could benefit from the affirmations of this article, please share.  I’d love to hear how affirmations are working in your life, too.

It’s a journey…and the only destination is self-love.

You can always start from exactly where you are.  Be gentle on yourself.

I believe in you,

Jessica Smith

I am a certified International Life Coach, specializing in assisting others understand their true power through the use of affirmations, the elimination of negative self-talk and inspiring them to pursue their dreams. If you are interested in working with me as a coaching client, contact me at

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